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Christopher J. Drury, MA, MA
Founder, Writer/Editor
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"Chris is a talented writer coupling strong scientific background with solid grammatical expertise."
--Mary Fitzgerald--
--Former Colleague, Pri-Med Institute--

EXPERIENCE a consultant...

For nearly 15 years I operated as a consulting writer, and for the past 6 it has been a full-time operation. The Quill Consulting, LLC offers a variety of services based on my consulting experience with a number of institutions, some of whom include:

Abbott Laboratories
Advanced Concepts Institute
Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Boston University Medical School
Congress of Neurological Surgeons
DBC Pri-Med
Foley and Lardner, LLP 
Gullapalli and Associates, LLC
Harvard University
Independent Medical Education Companies (several)
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

With these institutions, I have composed and/or edited articles for publication, journal supplements, grants/proposals, needs assessments, monographs, test questions, guidelines, presentations, executive summaries, reports, and many others.  Forging these relationships with a variety of people at a variety of companies has been what I've enjoyed most about being a consultant. a full-timer...

In addition to various freelance positions, I have held full-time positions as a medical writer/editor/professional at a number of professional institutions. These include:

Auburn Memorial Hospital
CorbettAccel Healthcare Group
DBC Pri-Med
Emergency Care Research Institute
HealthCore, Inc
Kenmore Mercy Hospital

Similar to my freelance work, these companies have helped me gain a strong foundation of science and writing skills encompassing everything from medical devices to marketing to pharmaceuticals to experience in the clinical and patient care setting. Having been a full-time employee for more than a decade, I gained an invaluable understanding of the needs of profit and non-profit businesses, and can aim my efforts at providing exceptional value for both new and established firms alike. a student...

Some of the most satisfying experience I have attained has been in academic settings. I enjoy school and I love learning. A Masters degree in Biological Sciences (ALM) from Harvard University complements my work experience experience in medical communications and education, while a Masters degree in English from Northwestern University has offered me strong writing, editing, and grammatical skills that I apply to every project that crosses my desk.  

Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)

Degree:  Master of Arts (ALM)
Field:  Biological Sciences

Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)
Degree:  Master of Arts
Field:  English

State University of New York at Buffalo (Buffalo, NY)
Degree:  Bachelor of Arts
Field:  Economics/English a member...

American Medical Writer's Association
The Association of Writers and Writing Programs
International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

...additional skills...
  • Therapeutic specialties (though no area is off-limits):  endocrinology, cardiovascular, women’s health, infectious disease, pain, psychiatry, cancer, rheumatology
  • Experience designing outcomes and performance improvement programs
  • Editorial management experience; clinical outcomes managerial experience
  • Proficient in print, online, live programs/publications
  • 15+ years of medical writing experience

Through various full-time and freelance positions in medical writing, editing, and marketing, I am comfortable taking on nearly any project. I have specialties, but also appreciate a challenge; I have grown to be able to quickly ramp up in any area.

Graduate degrees in English and biology, and undergratuate studies in economics, English and the sciences have provided me with a practical educational foundation that I have used again and again as a freelancer.
--Christopher J. Drury-- 
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